Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Inaugural Guest Reject

Dear Valued Ad-Clickers,

I am proud to present the very first of PostRejects' "Guest Rejects". These are secrets that readers like yourself have sent directly to me, rather than making me scavenge them out of the PostSecret guy's trash. I plan to run them on Wednesdays:

That is one ugly lobster-baby. Yikes.

Send your own PostRejects to:
PO Box 205200
New Haven, CT 06520

If you happen not to own stamps, or you have forgotten how to use a mailbox, you can also e-mail me your secrets at postrejects (at) gmail (dot) com. But it's more likely that your secret will get on the site if you take the time to mail it in.

I'll post the next regular batch of juicy scavenged secrets this Sunday. In the meantime, remember...if you're not clicking ads, you're basically stealing from me!!

1 comment:

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