Sunday, May 17, 2009

PostRejects Tomorrow Morning

A Message From Fred Jurgens

I promise, the rejects are coming tomorrow morning. Couple of other things in the meantime:


This Secret is False: True or False?

True: 45 (27%)
False: 28 (17%)
Both: 43 (26%)
Neither: 48 (28%)
Total Votes: 163

I think the correct answer is D: neither (or maybe both) and if you weirdos think otherwise you can yell at me in the comments.

(2) I've gotten a bunch of comments re: what I said about Escape the Fate a couple posts ago. To clarify, I think ETF is a very talented band. Very talented at making awful, awful shitty music.

(3) I just discovered that there's a new xanga survey out that has postrejects in it. It has some kind of either-or section that's like, "»PostSecret or PostRejects:" and people pick one. Mostly people have picked PostSecret or said something like "I love both". Bullshit.

Do you have a xanga? I bet you do. Go put this lame survey in your xanga/journal/whatever and tell the world how much you love PostRejects. You can get to it by scrolling down to the post from 3/12 (it's called "All about me") or just doing a CTRL+F for "postrejects".

Alright, that's it. Remember to add me to your twitter.



Anonymous said...

Escape The Fate is good
if you don't appreciate their music, you can go listen to the music of the sheep, like pop, and rap, and country... we'll keep our screamo, though, thanks :D

Anonymous said...

you officially just jumped the shark 2.0.