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Thursday Bonus Reject 10/22

Presenting the Official PostRejects Halloween Costume!

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Sunday Rejects 10/11

More to come...

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Frank Warren Blasts PostRejects!

Check out this interview Frank Warren (aka "The PostSecret guy") gave to the Greenville MetroMix prior to one of his speaking events:

Q: What do you think about sites like that sort of turn PostSecret inside out?

A: To be honest, PostSecret really wasn’t the first confessional site, and there certainly have been confessional sites since PostSecret, but I feel what none of them can really replicate is the relationship between strangers and myself that allows hundreds of thousands of people to share secret fears and hopes and humiliating stories and hidden acts of kindness in ways I’ve never seen anywhere else.

Don't hold back, Frank! Tell us how you really feel!

More on this controversy as it develops.

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