Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Guest Reject 6-10-09

At first, I thought this person was pretty lame for cruising around my site looking for pictures of easter eggs, but then I found out about PostSecret "easter eggs," which involve the PostSecret guy writing something in the file names of postcards for his readers to find. Even lamer.

Still, I'm always looking for ways to get traffic up, so I've created a poll. Check it out on the righthand sidebar of the site.

Send me your Guest Rejects!
The guy who forwards these things to me has moved, so you'll have to mail them to the address below:

936 8th Avenue #2R
New York, NY 10019

You can always send your digital Guest Rejects to

All-New Feature: Thursday Bonus Reject!
Starting tomorrow, I will be posting an extra Reject every Thursday. This will be a regular PostRejects card, lovingly looted from the PostSecret trash just for my readers. Make sure to check back then!



Meandering Mel said...

Oh my god. Is it lame that I had the immediate desire to go to the regular postsecret page and look for easter eggs?
I need a life! Hahaha

(But thank you for the entertainment. One day, I'll gather my cajones and submit a secret!)

Ms. said...

Same as Mel. I didn't even realise they did that shit. I voted 'meh'.

Anonymous said...

Allergy fetish! Lol!