Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Rejects 10/11

More to come...


Anonymous said...

Hi. I really want to buy that "I think I'm addicted to GLITTER" shirt in the PostRejects shop. Is it really glitter ink like in the picture on the side of the site? It says so on the page of the item too, but the picture doesn't show it, so I was just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Hey, are you going to do full posts anymore? I look forward to seeing the rejected ones, but it sucks to visit the site several times a week for only one or two postcards. What's up?

Anonymous said...

Oh no!
First Frank Warren blasts PostReject and now it seems as if he wasn't throwing away anymore leftover-postcards!!!
I hope this isn't the end of PostReject!

Fred J said...

Commenter #1-- Yes, it's glitter ink...the picture in the sidebar is exactly what you get when you order that shirt from the store.

Commenter #2-- I had some minor technical difficulties related to Frank Warren missing a week (therefore no trash, therefore no new rejects). See above for new rejects!

Sam, never fear! PostRejects is still going strong.