Saturday, January 9, 2010

Phase Two

A Message From Fred Jurgens:

Dear Beloved Readers,

I am proud to inform you that, after more than a year of bringing readers the very best in surplus postcard art, PostRejects has entered Phase Two. This has resulted in a number of exciting new developments.

First, PostRejects has a shiny new Facebook Fan Page. You should join it. On this page, you can post your very own PostRejects. You can also have discussions with likeminded people about PostRejects and other things. I will carefully read each and every one of your comments and posted pictures, and if they are special enough, I will post them as Guest Rejects on Wednesdays. If they are too special, then I will send them to the PostSecret guy.

Also, go sign up for the PostRejects mailing list in the righthand sidebar. Don't worry: I am too lazy to spam you. In fact, I am so lazy that I won't bother to send you anything other than the absolute finest and most compelling updates about PostRejects and related projects.

If you join the PostRejects Fan Page and sign up for the mailing list, then wonderful things will happen someday. I promise.

Fred Jurgens

P.S.- Keep an eye out for the Phase Two commemorative T-shirt!


Anonymous said...

Phase 2? You can barely update on time! Don't you think you should master the basics first?

Fred J said...

You just wait, anonymous. You just wait.

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed at the idea of this website. It makes me sad that one (original) project is not enough. You should attempt for better creativity than ripping off from another persons. It would be much more respectful.