Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday Rejects 3-1

A Message From Fred Jurgens

Hey readers,

Slim pickings so far this week. It looks like the PostSecret guy threw away a whole tin of baked beans, and it basically ruined the first batch of garbage that I got (for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, see the About Me section in the righthand sidebar). Anyway, here's the first card I found that didn't have red stuff all over it. I'll get the other four cards up over the next day or so if I can find any.

Seriously, though, what kind of man would waste a perfectly good can of baked beans like that?


FB @ said...


I am loving this site idea & your bio.

as for beans? I hate 'em so I can understand why he'd toss them.

Anonymous said...

I bet he is messing with you and threw them in to intentionally mess up the secrets so that you couldn't put them up on this site.

blogauthor said...

I agree with Anonymous. Don't let him thwart your good deeds! C'mon, man! A little baked beans wouldn't hurt anyone. Get there earlier next time and maybe they'll still be warm, even. Do it for the good of humankind!! Or at least do it to keep people reading ... which might just sell you a T-shirt or two. Ya never know.

Daughter said...

@25 weeks and 4 days: Nice use of "thwart."

Anonymous said...

You're a disgusting piece of shit for mocking the PostSecret project and actually trying to make money off of merchandising your disrespect.

Your blog's not funny. Get laid and find something better to do that will actually contribute to the greater discourse of human nature.

Fucking hack.

blogauthor said...

Daughter: Well, I'm an almost laid-off editor, so I have to keep in shape for finding a new job. :)

Anonymous 2: Hmmm. One has to wonder at such anger. Perhaps you might look inward and discover it is you who needs to get laid and/or a life? I'm thinking you might be out of touch with yourself, since you're anonymous and all.

IBHirsch said...

Yes, how DARE you mock the banal triviality of the majority of the garbage PostSecret receives. A pox on your house for making fun of the false profundity of wannabe poets.

Anonymous said...

Dude, thank you so much for making this site. i hated postsecret from its premise. I can't believe people are helping that guy make MONEY?! making BOOKS? personally it makes me sick. ugh. rant over.

i just wanted to say...that guy needs to recycle. seriously. that way, no baked beans (unless he forgets to rinse out his can before putting it in the bin) and, better for the enviroment. even if it's junk, those postcards deserve to be reborn as...more postcards.

Fred J said...

Hey anonymous#2, I am deeply upset by your hurtful words.

In fact, only way you could possibly upset me even more would be if you were to go tell all of your friends about how much you hate my site and what a hack you think I am.

Fred Jurgens

beth said...

Hilarious! Genius!