Sunday, March 15, 2009

Send me your Guest Rejects

A Message From Fred Jurgens:

Dear Readers,

I am currently traveling and will be unable to do the regular Sunday Rejects update this week. Instead, I'm posting three never-before seen Guest Rejects. For an explanation of Guest Rejects and an example of a really good Guest Reject submission, click here.

People, punching endangered butterflies is a crime. Don't do it.

That's really the worst thing that you picture?

Do you think your secrets are better than these other people's secrets? Then send them to me at PO Box 205200, New Haven CT 06520. Alternately you can e-mail guest rejects to me at postrejects dot gmail dot com.


Anonymous said...

Edward Cullen is SO dirty and filthy. He's so ugly. I can see why people would think he's hot but he really just needs to shower, shave, then repeat. Get a hair cut!

blogauthor said...

As long as he doesn't shower in that other person's shower ...

Julien said...

I totally understand the shower thing...when I was doing my Erasmus year in Leeds (UK), my housemates did no cleaning whatsoever; I'm not sure they knew what cleaning meant. I took as many showers outside of home as possible!!!

Katie said...

to be honest, i believe almost the same thing, except I am Bella.