Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Get your "Why Emo" Shirts

A Message from Fred Jurgens

Before I started PostRejects, I was never really the "artistic" type. Honestly, I always thought of myself as being just Fred, the effective, no-nonsense, good-looking retail store manager from Germantown. But ever since I opened the PostRejects Shirt Store the creativity has just been flowing out of me 24/7.

Case in point, check out the evolution of the newest PostReject tee, in which I transform a postcard sent in by a misguided weirdo into a piece of wearable art.

Alright, here's the Reject:

And here is the high-quality T-shirt design that I generated from it:

And here's how awesome it looks on a shirt:

I know that if I had Vince Offer, the rapping salesman from those Slap Chop internet commercials, these shirts would be flying off the shelves. But this site isn't profitable enough to hire him just yet, so here I am.

In these tough economic times, shouldn't you be supporting small business owners? Aren't I a small business owner? Shouldn't you be buying this shirt right now?

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Anonymous said...

Fred's sooo modest.