Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Rejects 2-1-09

To whoever sent the last one: nice try with the address, but this is an ANONYMOUS secret site. If you want stalkers, then get a myspace.


R E D said...

haha...I love the first one, it's as if the guy hadn't read the notice before buying or something!!!

Otherwise I love OBAMA (I don't even live in the US) and couldn't saying anything bad about him until he does a BUSH - but that won't happen!!!

André Rakvåg said...

I recently discovered PostRejects after following PostSecret for some time. I just love your project, great humor and it made me look at PostSecret in a different light.

I just read this weekend's PostSecrets and got the eerie feeling that several of those secrets would fit better on your blog than on PostSecret. Is PostSecret turning into a parody of itself?...

Then I went here to read your parodies, and I enjoyed that more! The Razor one is very funny, and the Obama one I think puts in words what many was thinking after having finished watching his speech.

Keep up the great work! (Hope you will be able to sell at least one more t-shirt)

Daughter said...

The dog one is my favorite... Now I wonder if that's what my puppy's thinking.

Rinny said...

Great job with postrejects! =)

Ashley said...

If that razor one were a t-shirt, I'd buy a million of them.

Just saying.