Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Rejects 2-8-08

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Subject: Vasco da Gama

To the Vasco da Gama girl:

I don't blame your boyfriend, frankly. Yeah, da Gama got all the way to India by sea, big deal. Magellan sailed around the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD. There's a word for that: CIRCUMNAVIGATION. Here's another word for it: FUCKING AMAZING.

You have awful taste in explorers and if I was your boyfriend, I'd break up with you.

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Subject: Chastity club

Hey, if you think you've got it tough, try being the only member of your high school swinger's club.

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Subject: RE: Chastity club

Dude I totally sympathize with you (the swinger's club guy, I mean)-- getting that second member is always the hardest for some reason. Have you tried postering?


Anonymous said...

hahahahaa I love the explorer one

Daughter said...

Magellan was a fucking crappy explorer and his face was stupid.

Anonymous said...

LOL! The Vasco de Gama one made me LOL!!