Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Rejects 2-22-09

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Subject: Capitalism

Yeah, I'm pretty ambivalent about capitalism.

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Gets the job done, I guess

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Subject: Re: Capitalism

I just don't see why people make such a big deal out of it.

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Subject: Capitalism

Hi Fred!

Is that a picture of Sue Johanson from that "Talk Sex with Sue Johanson" show that used to run on the Oxygen channel? I loved that show! My girlfriends and I used to hold viewing parties for it all the time.

I guess capitalism is alright, too. I haven't really thought about it :)


Daughter said...

Best was the stickers LOL

Anonymous said...

a lot of these secrets actually seemed legitimate secrets that i wouldn't mind reading in postsecret

Fred J said...

Hey Anonymous, I'm touched-- after all, (one of) the slogans I use in my advertising is "PostRejects: Guaranteed almost as good as real PostSecrets".

Even though some of you might whine that it's "wrong" for me to sift through the Postsecret guy's garbage every week, I really put 110% into making sure that I get the best cards. Quality has always been my goal.

tanysia. said...

I'm ok with capitalism too.
Thanks for the post, I had never thought much about it before.

Anonymous said...

LOL with the high cholesterol one!

Anonymous said...

That bird looks like such a sweet caring individual, I would hate for him to be twisted and led into crime, get him therapy.

R E D said...

I love the "I try to sleep my way to the top"!!! Us guys don't really have much of a chance to do that, unless your boss is queer but still, I'm not sure this guy knew what it meant...hahaha!!!